Visual Acuity Check

Having troubles seeing in the distance or up close? Getting headaches and eye strain? Don't suffer in silence. Let us help you to improve your vision and check the health of your eyes!

Customized Contact Lenses

You are unique, so why accept a one-size-fits-all solution? We customised contact lenses to suit you, so you don't have to accept compromises.

Orthokeratology 101

Keen to see without wearing glasses or contact lenses during the day? Find out more about orthokeratology, a revolutionary non-surgical correction of vision with our expert pediatric eye care.

Due to the recent implementation of vaccination-differentiated entry to malls, we understand that some clients may face some inconvenience. We will endeavour to have special arrangements for those who are affected.

For everyone's safety and assurance, all our staff are doing self antigen-rapid testing on a weekly basis.

Please call us for an appointment so that we may also conform to safe-distancing measures.

Thank you and stay safe everyone!

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Taking care of your health

Professional Consultation

You only have one pair of eyes! Taking care of them is of utmost importance, let us share with you how you can properly care for your eyes!

Experienced Staff

C C Chui Optical has been established since 1976, with over 40 years of experience & Optometrists trained overseas, we can definitely guide you to crystal clear vision. 

Abundant Selection

We have a wide range of products, spectacle frames, optical lenses and contact lenses too! For all ages, young or old.

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